New Primaris Space Marines and Death Guard Announced by Games Workshop

Source: New Primaris Space Marines and Death Guard Announced – Warhammer Community

Primaris Captain

Absolutely amazing miniatures coming in once again from Games Workshop to bolster the base game set of Warhammer 40000, the miniatures are going to appeal to Ultramarines and Death Guard players primarily but hey, we all love those armies …right?

First up is the captain, who, let’s be honest is pretty standard for a Space Marine and an Ultramarine character, he has a solid, commanding pose, he has even found a small stone to pop a foot up on to really drive home his captaincy, a flowing cape to give some movement which continues through to all the trappings and decorations befitting a captain.

Primaris Librarian

The Primaris Librarian miniature is again a pretty standard schematic of what a Librarian should look like, he has all the usual elements, even the underarm tubing that we have seen before, still, a very nice miniature, a couple of stand out areas for me are:

  • The head – great sculpt, full of character especially the psychic hood
  • The flowing robes, love them
  • The keys and the padlocked spell

The sword and outstretched hand are nice touches but nothing new, I do like the fact that the Primaris Librarian has the classic Rams head iconography.

Primaris Space Marine Reivers

Well, where do I start with these bad boys? …absolutely amazing, the sculpts tick just about every box for me, I really don’t like the Inceptor Jump Pack marines but these more than make up for it. The helmets are obviously the take home on these models, also the pouches are a nice touch too.

Plague Marines

More Plague Marines which is never a bad thing, my only problem with these and with a lot of the new miniatures coming from Games Workshop is the ‘Easy to Build’ aspect which means no ‘extra bits’ and not easily mixed and converted, but that said, the models are nice and full of character with a lot of detail.

The new wave of Plague Marine models have really got me wanting to paint them, they have that ‘pick me up’ factor about them, I have heard some say that “they are too cartoony” or “they are over detailed”, I personally like them.


The Poxwalkers for me are weak, I am not keen on the design and style, I would have much preferred a gasmask-wearing, plague brother style of thing, more like the last lot of renegade cultist models from the previous boxed set.

From the posts people are putting up on places like Instagram there is little Poxwalker action going on so I think I am not the only one who isn’t keen, maybe they will grow on me, who knows.


What are your thoughts on this latest release?

Roboute Guilliman

Roboute Guilliman Primarch of the Ultramarines (note, the sword, hath no flames)

Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines is coming to the Grim Dark and the regular wash of images have been leaked all over the many forums and social media outlets, but hot on the heels, to vanquish the pesky internet leaks is the Warhammer Community who have released their own ‘sneak peek’ of the big guy.

“March, For Macragge
So, a Primarch returns, the warriors of Titan join the battle and a lost son of Caliban returns to seek redemption (or possibly destroy everyone – the jury’s still out).
A few pictures of March‘s issue of White Dwarf have been circulating the internet today, but as with all leaks, they were taken during one of Nottingham’s many earthquakes, so the picture resolution is a bit blurry.
So we thought we’d just share the whole article with you!
Here you go folks, an exclusive from the pages of White Dwarf on the final instalment of the Gathering Storm trilogy, a whole month early. Don’t say we never give you anything.

Warhammer Community Article

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Warhammer Community blog post is great, very much so in fact as they have posted the full article from next month’s White Dwarf, which you can’t argue is a sneak peak of grand proportions but my issue is with the actual model himself.

Roboute Guilliman The Avenging Son

Yes, I said it, I don’t like a Games Workshop miniature, may I be stripped of my fanboy status, flogged and paraded through the streets of Lenton.

It’s not all negative, however, so let’s start with the good points – the detail of the sculpt is amazing, it really does live up to the name ‘Master Crafted’ and is befitting of a genetically engineered superhuman, the detailing all meshes well and doesn’t look awkward or overcrowded.

The scenic base is absolutely beautiful, I like that a lot, minus the flaming bloody torches, carried aloft by servo skulls, clearly they thought that the base was intended for Lion El’Jonson.

Guilliman’s backpack contains a life-support system and a reactor to power his suit’s many systems, including the Hand of Dominion.

The small details like the purity seals are well done and give the model a nice flow. The backpack is full of detail too making the armour look more functional and dare I say it ‘realistic’ (forge the narrative Dean, forge the narrative).

Unfortunately, that is about all I can pick out as plus points, so on to my negatives (you might want to go get a coffee at this point as we may be here a while).

The first thing that struck me on seeing the model wasn’t the awkward pose, in fact, it is a very small, well smaller than it should be area, the head, oh my, how small does it look surrounded by the overly large pauldrons, Iron Halo and MASSIVE sword (I will come to the sword later).

The good news is that they have supplied a helmet for the model which they seem to be pushing a little too hard, I have a sneaky feeling that the helmet was added as an after-thought when someone in the studio realised just how small the original head looks when it isn’t on a computer screen and rendered with ‘perspective mode’ switched on.

A long time ago I read a painting tutorial on faces and it made a very good point that when painting a high standard miniature, you need to make sure that the face is really spot on as the face draws the eye first.

Next up is the pose…

I, as some may know am very much into 3D, I sculpt myself and know first hand that one of the hard elements to character design is posing the finished model …why, you ask? Well one of the main reasons is that when you sculpt a model you start off with a symmetrical model or shape and as you start sculpting it speeds the process no end by doing two sides at once, you then add base details and props or as they are called in ZBrush, subtools, your model remains in the symmetrical state until you are happy, then you add details to break up the symmetry where needed and move on to the repositioning and posing, fixing any geometry clashes and of course a tidy and final pass of detail. The repositioning of a model that has been created in a symmetrical stance, especially one with hard surfaces like armour but needs to look like it has a natural organic stance is very hard indeed.

A very basic idea of a symmetrical base sculpt (note the Roboute Guilliman proportioned head).

A traditional sculptor would start with the pose as a wire frame, like its skeleton, building the model up with the pose in place from the very beginning.

The Forge World version of Roboute Guilliman is a beautifully posed model and its proportions are spot on in my opinion.

Forge World version of Roboute Guilliman

Right, on to the MASSIVE sword of flaming flames…

In his other hand, he wields the flaming sword of the Emperor.

Quite simply, the sword is too big, even for a genetically engineered son of a living god I’m struggling with the proportions, this is the Grim Dark, not a Capcom computer game.I really hate it when a sculptor adds details like dripping blood, drool or as in this case, flames. Of course, there may be a none flaming sword of flaming flames in the kit but I doubt it.

The flames, I really hate it when a sculptor adds details like dripping blood, drool or as in this case, flames. Of course, there may be a none flaming sword of flaming flames in the kit but I doubt it.

Yes, I know the sword is called ‘The Flaming Sword of the Emperor’ but come on, surely it isn’t in a constant state of flaming flames of flaminess? and the name is just a metaphor? …no? …really!?

So, with my scathing look at the yet to be released Roboute Guilliman miniature written, there is one question to be answered …will I be buying it?

Of course, I will, I am a plasticrack whore OR maybe I will simply fork out for the far superior Forge World version.